Faculty and Staff



Interim Executive Director
Estuarine Ecology & Human Health Program Head
Michael Piehler, MSPH, Ph.D.



Robert McClendonAssistant Director for Administration
Robert McClendon

Business Officer
Marie Magee



Kimberly ArmstrongAdministrative Support Associate
Kimberly Armstrong

Corey AdamsResearch Operations Manager
Corey Adams





Coastal Policy and Sustainability

Program Head
Andy Keeler, Ph.D.

Research Associate
Linda D’Anna, Ph.D.




Coastal Processes

reide_corbettsmProgram Head
Reide Corbett, Ph.D.

Research Scientist
Paul Paris, Ph.D.



Research Technician
Liz Mason, M.E.M.




Estuarine Ecology and Human Health

Piehlersmall_copyProgram Head
Michael Piehler, MSPH, Ph.D.
Lindsay1Research Assistant Professor
Lindsay Dubbs, Ph.D.

Ted West

Research Technician
Ted West, M.S.




Research Technician
Claire Johnson




Maritime Heritage

Nathan Richards

Program Head
Nathan Richards, Ph.D.




Coastal Engineering & Renewable Ocean Energy

Billy EdgeEmeritus
Billy Edge, Ph.D.

Mike Muglia


Trip Taylor
Nick DeSimone

Stephen Lockhart




Outreach and Education

Director of Education and Outreach
John McCord
K-12 Education Specialist
David Sybert

Outreach Specialist Hayley Grabner

Outreach Specialist
Hayley Grabner




North Carolina Sea Grant

Marine Education Specialist
Terri Kirby Hathaway, M.A.Ed.

Fisheries Extension Specialist
Sara E. Mirabilio, MSc





MIKE HFacilities Supervisor
Mike Hosey
jeffLHorticultural Specialist
Jeff Lewis

jeffGFacilities Support
Jeff Gottermeyer