K-12 Programs

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It is part of the mission of CSI to engage elementary, middle and high school students in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) programming which directly relates to the work of the scientists at CSI.  Since 2005, CSI has worked with schools to provide experiences for students through school legacy projects and field trips to CSI.  CSI offers a variety of engaging K-12 programs that align with NC Essential Standards. The educational programs are hands-on, engaging real-world experiences for students that compliment the concepts taught in their classrooms.

CSI also offers Distance Education Programs for classes that cannot visit CSI.   Educators and scientists can be beamed into your classroom to share experiences in underwater science and collecting data in extreme environments.

Please contact David Sybert at 252-475-5451 or dmsybert@csi.northcarolina.edu with any questions or to schedule a program.  There is a $10 per person programmatic fee for each program.

K-12 Programming Available on Campus

The CSI Research and Education Campus is a state-of-the-art facility located on Roanoke Island.  K-12 programs utilize the location of the campus on the Croatan Sound, and the science labs and teaching spaces within the facility.  Students learn scientific concepts in some of the same spaces where scientists use those concepts in their research.

The Institute currently has program offerings for the following groups, and many programs can be adapted for additional ages.

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  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School

Click HERE for a list of programs.

Day Camps

CSI offers science inquiry-based experiences for students in the summer.  Summer day camps combine STEAM education with fun, hands-on activities which keep campers exploring northeastern North Carolina’s ecosystems.  Students collect data in our estuary system through snorkeling, kayaking, seining, trawling, and fishing.  Campers also engineer ocean exploring equipment, conduct their own research projects and document the week through photos and video.  Click HERE for more information.


School Legacy Projects

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The Institute works with several local schools to provide education programming, activities and projects as it relates to the research and activities of CSI.  The goal of these programs are to create science experiments or data collection that combines what students learn in the classroom with real science in an engaging activity.

These projects continue to grow and evolve throughout years of partnership with local schools, and while the focus is on science, they are always interdisciplinary and may include history, math, engineering and art.



Guest Speakers and Career Days

If you would like a representative from the Coastal Studies Institute to be a guest speaker or participate in your school’s career day, please contact David Sybert, K-12 Education Specialist at 252-475-5451 or dmsybert@csi.northcarolina.edu to schedule a speaker.

High School Internships

Interns#2CSI offers internship opportunities for high school students who have a strong interest in coastal science. This internship experience provides students a chance to work in a professional environment while interacting with professors, researchers, and staff. There is a wide variety of intern research projects available depending on the interest of the student, and the needs of the Coastal Studies Institute. There are a limited number of internship positions available, and internships must count towards school credit. For more information or questions please contact David Sybert at dmsybert@csi.northcarolina.edu.