High School Internships


CSI offers internship opportunities for high school students with a strong interest in coastal science. This internship experience provides students a chance to work in a professional environment while interacting with professors, researchers and staff.  This program will allow students to work in a science career field before starting a higher education program where they will make decisions about their future careers.


There are a wide variety of intern research projects possible depending on the interest of the student, and the needs of the Coastal Studies Institute.  Internship topics include education, science journalism, sustainable design, ocean observing, estuary processes and ecology.

Internships are available during the school year and throughout the summer.  There are a limited number of internship positions available, and internship positions are awarded following an application process.

For a student to be eligible for a high school internship:

  1. The student must be in good standing with their school.
  2.  Students must be rising Juniors or Seniors.
  3.  Students must have their own reliable transportation.
  4.  The student’s school must “support” the internship through credit, job shadow or another program.Internship important dates:

In order to be eligible for summer internships a full application needs to be received by April 1.  Internships will be awarded shortly after.
School Internships

interns#3When possible, guidance and career counselors should contact CSI in the Spring semester before the desired internship to allow for an early start of the internship program.


For more information or questions please contact David Sybert at sybertd@ecu.edu.