K-12 Outreach

School Legacy Projects



CSI works with local schools to create science projects and experiments that involve students at every grade level.  These programs are interdisciplinary, create hands-on learning experiences for students, and are designed to promote problem solving and a better understanding of the scientific process through engaging experimentation. These science experiments or projects align with the education programming activities and research of CSI.  The goal of these programs is to create projects that co-involve different subjects, and will continue to grow every year.

These programs may include a partnership with multiple schools, and while the focus is on science, they are always interdisciplinary and may include history, math, engineering and art.


Basic Observation Buoy (BOB) Program

DSC_9232The Basic Observation Buoy (BOB) program is a partnership with 7 schools around the Albemarle, Pamlico and Currituck Sounds that collect water quality and atmospheric data using a basic buoy.  The students construct the buoy that is used to house water quality sensors that record data continually for 7 days.  The data is then downloaded and shared with a larger network of BOB buoys along the East Coast.





Oyster Reef and Hatchery

CSI has partnered with Cape Hatteras Secondary School of Coastal Studies to provide programming on estuarine ecology. CSI partnered with the school to build oyster reefs behind the school building that are used for student research. The partnership also built a hatchery in the middle school where water chemistry, growth rates, fish behaviors and marsh interactions are studied through a series of aquatic systems.




 Distance Education

While the programming offered at CSI will provide students with immersive hands-on experiences, for those schools that cannot travel, Distance Education may be a great option.  Through Distance Education we can beam into your classrooms and interact with students.


Career Fairs and Classroom Visits

CSI educators and scientists are interested in promoting careers in science to middle and high school students. Educators are available to visit classrooms to educate students on the work done at CSI. Please contact David Sybert at 252-475-5451 or sybertd@ecu.edu with any questions or to schedule a program.