Field Operations: Boating and Diving

CSI Boating and Diving


Divers prepare to enter the water.

The Coastal Studies Institute provides boating and diving operations support for both research and education projects. CSI maintains a small fleet of vessels ready to meet the demands of coastal and offshore research in North Carolina.  In addition, CSI has a team of highly trained and qualified scientific divers support field operations nearshore and offshore to depths up to 300 feet using mixed gas open circuit and closed circuit systems.

Vessel Reservation Procedures

Statement of Operation

All vessel operators must confirm that they have read and understood the ECU Boating Safety Manual, and that they conform to the certification requirements stipulated therein (see pages 5 and 6 of Boating and Safety Manual).

Vessel Day Rates

  • 42 foot Duffy = $800 per day;

    42′ Duffy Research Vessel

  • 25 foot Privateer = $250 per day;
  • 24 foot Carolina Skiff = $160 per day;
  • 25 foot Pontoon = $160 per day;
  • 12.5 foot Zodiac = $65 per day;

Fuel and oil use are additional charges and are borne by the operator. CSI does not have facilities to refuel on campus. A list of separate rates for diving, field operations, and research support is available here.

Reservation Procedures for CSI Personnel 

No special authorization is required for CSI personnel as long as the following procedures are followed:

a) Boat is available and ready to use (coordinate with Research Operations Manager, Corey Adams,

b) Funds are available (confirm with Business Manager, Marie Magee,

Field Operations-1-3

28.5′ Privateer for nearshore and offshore operations

c) All forms are completed and submitted to the CSI field operations committee (email: A copy of your forms should also be uploaded to the Field Operations shared drive. These forms are:

a. Reservation form 

b. Float Plan 

c. Dive plan (if applicable) 

d. Waivers for individuals over 18 years of age

e. Waivers for individuals under 18 years of age You have reserved the vessels in the CSI boating reservation calendar.

Following your reservation, the Fleet Manager, or their representative will coordinate vessel keys. A boat check out must be completed before operations, and a boat check in must be completed at the conclusion of operations. Both forms must be submitted to the Research Operations Manager upon closing your reservation.

Reservation Procedure for Non-CSI Personnel

Boats are available for hire by non-CSI personnel as long as the educational or research activities are in line with CSI’s goals and mission. Special authorization is required for all non-CSI personnel to operate or reserve watercraft. To get special authorization, contact should be made with CSI faculty or staff related most closely to the work to be performed. The CSI faculty or staff member will coordinate with the CSI Field Operations Committee, and upon acceptance will serve as your point of contact. The point of contact will then follow the procedures for CSI personnel.