UNC Coastal Studies Institute Research

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The place-based research programs of the UNC Coastal Studies Institute bring together researchers from different disciplines and campuses with state and federal government personnel, water-dependent and coastal industry and the public. Together, they ask questions and develop reliable, unbiased answers to pressing coastal and ocean concerns.

Coastal resource managers and decision makers need access to sound science and CSI and our partners supply that need with timely and rigorous interdisciplinary research.  Program research provides stakeholders with valuable insight and data on environmentally and culturally important issues through the use of informed science. It also allows Universities in North Carolina to extend research efforts by providing a venue for inter-institutional cooperation in a new national resource for coastal and ocean education.

Northeastern North Carolina is a diverse and dynamic environment creating unique challenges for residents as well as maritime, commercial fishing, and hospitality businesses essential to the area. Solutions may be achieved only through unbiased collaborative research that strengthen the resiliency of coastal communities and maritime environments.  UNC-CSI endeavors to undertake research that is recognized as a trusted resource for policy and decision makers in seeking adaptive and flexible ways to accommodate changing environmental and economic conditions. Whether it’s surveying shipwrecks off the coast or deploying real-time coastal monitoring buoys, UNC CSI researchers and partners are working to improve the lives of people who live, work and visit the coast.

UNC CSI employs varied methods and approaches to its place-based, practical research within five core program areas:

UNC-CSI Research Program Areas

The UNC Coastal Studies Institute focuses on five main research areas including (click on each to learn more):