2020 North Carolina Renewable Ocean Energy Symposium

9th Annual Renewable Ocean Energy Symposium
Coastal Studies Institute
Wanchese, NC
March 30 and 31, 2020

Researchers from Coastal Studies Institute, NC State University, UNC Charlotte, and NC Agricultural and Technical University funded by the North Carolina Renewable Ocean Energy program will present their innovative research aimed at understanding, developing, and facilitating renewable ocean energy in North Carolina. A reception at a nearby restaurant will follow the program on March 30.

Draft Agenda (1/9/20; subject to change)

March 30, 2020

8:30 AM       Registration and Breakfast (Room 242)

9:00 AM      Welcome and Introductions  (Room 262)2016_NCROE_Symposium_wweb

9:10 AM       Expectations for the 9th Annual NC Renewable Ocean Energy Symposium

Session I: Hydrokinetic Resource Assessment

9:35 AM      Gulf Stream Observations from a Custom Research Vessel and Beyond – Dr. Mike Muglia

9:50 AM     Comprehensive Gulf Stream Ocean Energy Resource Assessment Using an Integrated Observing and Modeling Approach  – Dr. Rouying He

Session II: Human Dimensions and Environmental Impacts

10:05 AM      Human dimensions of marine and hydrokinetic energy development off the NC coast: The role of values and attitudes in the social acceptability of a new use of marine space  – Dr. Linda D’Anna

10:20 AM       An integrative and holistic environmental and ecological assessment of the pelagic Gulf Stream current environment of the coast of Cape Hatteras, NC  – Dr. Lindsay Dubbs

10:35 AM       Biofouling of surfaces in the coastal water of NC: A preliminary investigation  – Dr. Lindsay Dubbs

10:50 AM     Questions and Discussion

11:10 PM      Student Poster Session (Room 250)

12:30 PM      Lunch (Room 242)

Session III: Innovative System Components: Development and Optimization

1:25 PM     New Approaches for Oceanic Energy Harvesting and Storage – Dr. Michael D. Dickey

1:40 PM      Performance Testing of an Integrated Magnetic Power Take-Off – Dr. Wesley Williams

1:55 PM     Design and Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle and Deployable Energy-Harvesting Kite for PersisantMarine Hydrokinetic Resource Assessment – Dr. Chris Vermillion

2:10 PM    Liquid Crystal Thermoset Composites for Marine Energy Harvesting – Dr. Mark Pankow

2:25 PM    Break (Room 242)

2:40 PM    Tethered Coaxial Turbines for Hydrokinetic Energy Harvesting – Dr. Kenneth Granlund

2:55 PM    Characterizing the interaction of OCT array wake turbulence with the background ocean stratification – Dr. Praveen Kumar Ramaprabu

3:10 PM    Design and Optimization of Ocean Wave Energy Converters through HIgh Fidelity Numerical and Experimental Simulations – Dr. Michael D. Atkinson

Session IV: Expanding MHK Research and Education Capacity


3:25 PM       Renewable Energy Challenge to Facilitate Wave Energy Prototype Testing for Education and Workforce Development – Dave Sybert

3:40 PM       Integration of NCROEP Projects Towards a Hybrid MHK System at Jennette’s Pier – Dr. Mike Muglia

3:55 PM      Break (Room 242)

Session V: Mooring and Anchoring

4:10 PM       MHK Structure on Sloping Seabed: Instability, Scour, Accretion, and Protective Measures – Dr. Shamin Rahmanr

4:25 PM      Innovative Low Permeability Concrete Materials to Reduce the Risk of Corrosion for Foundation Anchoring Marine Hydrokinetic Devices – Dr. Mohammad PourGhaz

4:40 PM      Anchoring Foundation Supporting Marine Hydrokinetics Devices in Marine Environment – Dr. Brina Montoya

4:55 PM      Development of Shared Anchoring Concepts for Co-located and Hybrid Marine Energy Devices – Dr. Mo Gabr

5:10 PM      Questions and Discussion

5:40 PM       Adjourn

6:00 PM      Reception (Avenue Grille, Manteo, NC ): Student poster session and cash bar at 6:00 PM and dinner at 6:45 PM

March 31, 2020

8:30 AM      Reconvene (coffee in Rm 250)

8:45 AM     Keynote – Jason Busch, Executive Director, Pacific Ocean Energy Trust (POET)

Session VI: Energy Investment

9:30 AM    Optimizing Investments in NC Offshore Renewable Energy – Dr. Joe DeCarolis

Session VII: Electrical Interface and Power Transmission

9:45 AM      Integration of Multiple MHK Power Generation Units via Off-Shore DC Micro-Grid Connected to ON-shore AC Utility Grid via High Voltage DC System – Dr. Madhav D. Manjrekar

10:00 AM      Global Coordinated Control and Integration of Multiple Wave Energy Conversion (WEC) Units through a Common High-Frequency AC Link – Dr. Subhashish Bhattacharya

10:00 AM      Reliability Oriented Control for OCEC-Based Underwater Microgrid Using Underwater Communication Network – Dr. Tiefu Zhao

10:30 AM     Questions and Discussion

11:00 AM      Technical Advisory Committee meeting (Room 242)

11:00 AM      Break Out: Interactive Researcher Session

12:45 PM      Report out and Discussion

1:30 PM      Adjourn


All attendees, including oral and poster presenters, must register by completing and returning the following form to Kim Armstrong (armstrongk@ecu.edu) by February 24, 2020.
To download the form, please click HERE.


Symposium attendees must make reservations themselves and are responsible for all costs. Blocks of rooms have been reserved at the locations listed below for the nights of March 29 and 30, and a limited number will also be available on March 31. The rooms will be released in late-January. Please make your reservation at your earliest convenience.

The Tranquil House Inn (individual rooms)
405 Queen Elizabeth Avenue, Manteo, NC 27954
Ask for Jackie. Reserved at the state rate under the “NC Renewable Ocean Energy Program” block.

Comfort Inn South Oceanfront
8031 Old Oregon Inlet Rd, Nags Head, NC 27959
(252) 441-6315
Reserved at the state rate under the “NC Renewable Ocean Energy Program” block.

Friends of Elizabeth II (shared rooms for NCROEP graduate students and no other guests)
603 Harriot St, Manteo, NC 27954
Contact: Jaye Massecar, Guest House Director, 252-473-3524, director@friendse2.org
Shared rooms for graduate students (we apologize but the FOEII cannot accommodate the families and friends of students) are reserved under the “NC Renewable Ocean Energy Program” block.

More hotel accommodation options coming soon.

If you have questions, please contact Lindsay Dubbs, dubbs@email.unc.edu.