Coastal Processes Selected Publications

Coastal Processes Selected Publications

Estuarine Seabed and Shoreline Processes

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Coastal Storms Impacts and Barrier Island Dynamics

*Rabien, K.A, Culver, S.J., Buzas, M.A., Corbett, D.R., Walsh, J.P. and H.R. Tichenor. In press.  The foraminiferal signature of recent Gulf of Mexico hurricanes.  Journal of Foraminiferal Research.

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Groundwater-Seawater Interactions

McCoy, C.A., D.R. Corbett, 2009. Review of submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) in coastal zones of the Southeast and Gulf Coast regions of the United States with Management Implications. Journal of Environmental Management, 90(1) 644-651.

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River Interactions & Deltaic Systems

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Wetland Sedimentation & Change

Romans, B.W., Castelltort, S., Covault, J.A., Fildani, A., & Walsh, J.P., In press. Environmental signal propagation in sedimentary systems across timescales. Earth Sci. Rev.

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*Student was first-author, and Dr. Walsh or Dr. Corbett served as advisor, co-advisor or committee member