Graduate Student Projects [2007-present]

Graduate students in the Maritime Studies program at East Carolina University produce a master’s thesis as part of the completion of their degree.  Students under the direction of Dr. Nathan Richards at the Coastal Studies Institute, conduct research on projects located within the state of North Carolina.  This research delves into archaeological investigations on land as well as underwater and cover areas as disparate as naval warfare during the Civil War, to the seasonal whaling industry once carried out on this coast.  Listed below are thesis titles with links to abstracts in alphabetical order.  Videos showcasing presentations on thesis research are provided where available.

Bera, Daniel                      2015    Cultural Factors of Shipwreck Site Formation: An Examination of Ferrous Shipwrecks on the Outer Banks

Bradley, Ryan                   2015  Where were the Whalers? An Investigation of the Archaeological, Historical, and Cultural Influences of North Carolina Whaling   

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Bright, John                      2012   The Final Ambush: An Adapted Battlefield Analysis of the U-576 Attack Upon Allied Convoy KS-520 off Cape Hatteras During the Second World War

Dilk, Stephen                    2012     “From quiet woods to tide kissed shore”: Searching for the colonial port of Sunbury, Georgia

Duncan, JP                       2015      Investigating SCUBA Divers’ Attitudes to Sustainable Shipwreck Diving in North Carolina

Fox, Kara                           2014      From ship model to site formation model: Using historical, archaeological, and environmental data to model and predict site formation of WW2 merchant shipwrecks off the coast of North Carolina 

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Friedman, Adam          2008    The legal choice in a cultural landscape: an explanatory model created from the maritime and terrestial archaeological record of the Roanoke River, North Carolina.

Hayman, Jeanette        2011     Heritage at Risk? An Assessment of Environmental Factors in Archaeological Site Damage in Albemarle Sound, North Carolina

Horn, Tom                     2014      Determining Seasonal Rates of Corrosion in Ferrous-Hulled Shipwrecks: A Case Study of USS Huron

Jones, Jennifer             2012      Scattered to the Wind: An Evaluation of the Disaster Landscape of Coastal North Carolina

Leuchtmann, Amy       2011      The Central Places of Albemarle Sound: Examining Transitional Maritime Economics through Archaeological Site Distribution

Marano, Joshua           2012      Ship Ashore! The role of risk in the development of the United States Lifesaving Service and Wrecking Patterns Along the North Carolina Coast

Marcotte, Jacqueline   2011      End of the Line: The Wright’s Creek Commercial Fishing Graveyard, Belhaven, North Carolina

Minford, Robert           2012      For the love of profit: Examining traditional capitalism on Eagles Island, North Carolina

Mires, Calvin (Ph.D)   2014      The Value of Maritime Archaeological Heritage: Understanding the Cultural Capital of Shipwrecks in the Graveyard of the Atlantic

Morra, Tyler                 2012      Savior of the Seas: The Evolution of the Floating Dock

Parker, Adam               2015       “Dash at the Enemy!” The Use of Modern Naval Theory to Examine the Battlefield at Elizabeth
City, North Carolina

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Price, Franklin               2006     Conflict and Commerce: Maritime Archaeological Site Distributions as Cultural Change on the Roanoke River, North Carolina

Sanchagrin, Stephen     2014      A View Through the Periscope

Sassorossi, William       2013       Defending the East Coast: Adapting and Converting Commercial Ships for Military Operations

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Seeb, Sami                    2007      Cape Fear’s Forgotten Fleet: The Eagles Island Ships’ Graveyard

Simonds, Lucas           2014      “A Determination Worth a Better Cause”: Naval Action during the Battle of Roanoke Island, 7-8 February, 1862

Smith, Lindsay            2010      At the Crossroads: Maritime Systems in Transition and the Elizabeth City Ships’ Graveyard, North Carolina

Southerly, Kathy         2006      Landscapes in Transition: Redbanks Landing on the Tar River, Greenville, North Carolina

Wagner, John             2010       Waves of Carnage: A Historical, Archaeological, and Geographical Study of the Battle of the Atlantic in North Carolina Waters