North Carolina Shipwreck Atlas [2015-present]

Askhabad (1)The North Carolina Shipwreck Atlas is intended to serve as a home for the results of maritime archaeological projects along North Carolina’s coast as undertaken by project partners.  These may range from comprehensive surveys of underwater archaeological sites to short reports on shipwreck-related shoreline debris discoveries or inspections of periodically uncovered historic ship hulls on Outer Banks beaches.

The intended final product is a website where researchers and members of the public can go to look for “wreck biographies” based on primary source historical records.  The website will also serve as a way to disseminate other kinds of information about NC shipwrecks, from remote sensing images, drawings, photographs and three-dimensional models of wrecks.

By using a GIS-enabled interface it is also hoped that the website may serve as a management tool which will help state and federal cultural resource managers make decisions about the preservation status of shipwrecks in North Carolina.

To learn more, visit North Carolina Shipwreck Atlas’ website.