Maritime Heritage Themed Posters

Since 2011, CSI Maritime Heritage projects have produced products like posters, which we seek to disseminate to the community in a digital format.  The posters can be downloaded below (click on thumbnail).

Please note:

* Posters are available for educational and non-commercial use only * Files have been saved for lowest PDF file size * Original poster format is optimized for printing at a 48″ x 36″ or 36″ x 24″ size * CSI cannot provide printing services. * All posters are copyrighted to the original author (noted on each poster) and must not be reproduced in any printed or digital format without the written permission of the artists.

[*”Artist” refers to the arrangement and digitization of composition. Elements within the work may belong to other people, and have been attributed within the image credits. Archaeological work is a team effort, and in many cases these digitization has been made from composite pencil drawings completed by many people]


Nags Head Rudder