Multi-disciplinary Projects

Multi-Disciplinary Projects

Lindsay Dubbs Conducting research on the coast affords the opportunity for researchers of diverse specialties to converge on a project to form a collaboration.  These team engagements allow for a multi-disciplinary approach to a set of questions that can be more sufficiently answered by viewing the subject from multiple angles.  By working together, the scientists at the Coastal Studies Institute are better prepared to face the unique challenges that confront coastal scientists on a regular basis.  This interdisciplinary approach provides a more expansive and thorough understanding of the diverse and dynamic environment of North Carolina’s coast.  Collaborations also involve outside agencies and partners on the local, state, and federal level, whose goals align with that of the Institute’s.  Current and past research partners include the Whalehead Preservation Trust, ECU’s Program in Maritime Studies, Graveyard of the Atlantic North Carolina Maritime Museum, NOAA’s Monitor National Marine Sanctuary, North Carolina Department of Transportation, as well as others.

The NCDOT Emergency Ferry Dock located in Rodanthe, NC.

The NCDOT Emergency Ferry Dock located in Rodanthe, NC.

North Carolina Department of Transportation Rodanthe Emergency Ferry Channel Project

The North Carolina Department of Transportation teamed up with scientists from the University of North Carolina’s Coastal Studies Institute to collaborate on the Rodanthe Emergency Channel Project.  This project considered what impact dredging in the Pamlico Sound would have on the local ecology, submerged cultural resources and dredge-spoil alternative uses.  MORE INFORMATION