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  • CTD: The Workhorse of Oceanography

    For an oceanographer, understanding the physical properties of sea water, including salinity and temperature, and depth are parameters that are critical for studying ocean processes.  Luckily, oceanographers have an oceanographic instrument that does that very thing, and it’s called a CTD.  A CTD is an acronym for sensor that measures conductivity (which can be used to …Read More

  • R/V Neil Armstrong: An Oceanographic Research Vessel

    The R/V Neil Armstrong is the newest vessel in the Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institution’s (WHOI) fleet of ocean going research ships.   In 2010 Office of Naval Research chose WHOI to operate of of two new research vessels planned for construction and in September of 2015, the R/V Neil Armstrong was transferred to WHOI operations.  …Read More

  • Argo Floats: Drifting Ocean Observers

    The PEACH science team is deploying four Argo floats during the two week research cruise on the R/V Neil Armstrong.  The Argo floats are part of a world wide network of vertical profiling floats providing upper ocean observations.  Deployments of the first Argo floats began in 2000 with an additional 800 floats added on average …Read More

  • Tracking Shelf Water with Buoys

    Two meteorological buoys complete with oceanographic instrumentation were deployed off the R/V Neil Armstrong on April 19 and 20.  This observing effort is being led by Dr. Harvey Seim and Sara Haines of UNC Chapel Hill. The buoys have a complete meteorological package, including sensors for humidity, temperature, rainfall, barometric pressure, temperature, GPS, wind speed …Read More

  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers: Measuring Currents with Sound

    While mobile oceanographic observing instruments like the Spray glider are good for making measurements over larger areas for extended time periods, scientists on the PEACH project are also deploying observing equipment to make ocean current measurements at fixed locations with high resolution.  Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers, or ADCPs for short, are one example of fixed …Read More

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