The North Carolina Renewable Ocean Energy Project


Investing in North Carolina’s Energy Future


CSI works with renewable energy developers to test their devices at two wave energy test berths near Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head, NC.

Ocean waves, tides and currents offer significant potential for electrical power generation.   The development of ocean energy technology is a critical step in the expansion of our nation’s energy portfolio. The Coastal Studies Institute, along with the Colleges of Engineering at North Carolina State University, NCA&T and UNC Charlotte is leading a research program designed to bring together the coastal, electrical and industrial engineering needed for the research and development of technologies to harness this form of energy and develop a strategy for future integration into the energy needs for the state of North Carolina.

Program Mission

“Conceptualize, research, design, construct, operate and market new technologies to harness the energy of the ocean.  Led by the Coastal Studies Institute in consort with the Colleges of Engineering at North Carolina State University, NCA&T, UNC Charlotte and East Carolina University.”

Strategic Research Initiatives

The Coastal Studies Institute, along with its research partners, have developed four strategic research directions as part of the NC Renewable Ocean Energy Program.  These research Foci include:

Gulf Stream Power Assessment
CSI scientists are currently conducting research to characterize the power and flow of the Gulf Stream, and locate the “sweet spot” for future power generation. MORE INFORMATION

Improve the Efficiency, Maintenance and Power Outputs of Renewable Energy Devices
Research and product development is currently underway developing new technologies to improve the overall efficiency and power output of current and future renewable ocean energy devices. MORE INFORMATION

Environmental and Regulatory Assessment
Environmental and ecological assessments are researching how marine hydrokinetic energy generation may influence the habitats, ecosystems and uses off the North Carolina coast. MORE INFORMATION

Marine Hydrokinetic Device Field Testing and Assessment
The Coastal Studies Institute is currently working with renewable energy developers to field test and assess marine hydrokinetic devices in the waters off North Carolina. MORE INFORMATION

Project Video: