Summer Day Camps

 Summer Day Camps

Registration Begins March 1, 2019!

Coastal Studies Institute (CSI) will offer seventeen summer experiences in 2019 for students 9 – 16 years old.  These day camps combine STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) concepts with fun, hands-on activities to keep campers engaged, and actively learning while having a great summer experience. Students will snorkel, kayak, collect species data by seining, trawling and hook-and-line fishing, study plankton in the lab, engineer ocean exploring equipment, and experience many other fun educational activities.  Camp begins at 9:00 am and ends at 3:30 at CSI campus.  All camps are $265 except for SCUBA and Advanced Scientific SCUBA, which are $375 and $450, and include t-shirts, water bottles and snacks.  Campers are required to bring a lunch to camp each day.  There are a variety of camp experiences that focus on everything from Art to SCUBA diving.

Coastal Science Camp: Exploring Estuaries June 17-21, August 12-16 2019
This camp targets 9 to 13 years old who will explore the ecosystems of the Outer Banks through data collection and scientific experiments. This camp is an introduction to the type of scientific research taking place in northeastern North Carolina and campers will venture out into the local ecosystems to explore, investigate and play in the amazing aquatic systems we have in northeastern North Carolina through the use of kayaks, a pontoon boat, snorkeling and fishing. Camps begin at CSI at 9am and end at 3:30pm.

Research Vessel Discovery exploring the estuary.


Surf and Science Camp: June 24-28, July 1-5, August 5-9 2019
Surf and Science Summer Camp is offered in partnership with Jennette’s Pier.  The camp focuses on the science involved in surfing including understanding waves, currents, hydrodynamics, buoyancy, etc.  Participants will surf most days of camp and will compete in a competition at end of the week.  Please visit Jennette’s Pier website to register for this camp.

Coastal Science Camp: Marine Biology June 24-28, July 15-19 2019
Marine Biology camp targets children 10 – 15 and explores concepts in Biology and Ecology.  Campers will explore local systems, video document their experiences, collect data in the estuary and ocean, work in the lab and conduct their own research projects.  Students will learn fish biology, and monitor populations of fish and crabs through traps, nets and hook-and-line fishing.  The goal of this camp is investigating the aquatic life that lives in NC estuaries and oceans.  Camps begin at CSI at 9am and end at 3:30pm.

Campers are all smiles after their first successful open water dive. Graduate of CSI SCUBA camp earn their lifelong open water SCUBA certification through the Roanoke Island Dive Shop.

SCUBA Camp June 17-21, July 22-26, August 12-16, 2019
Science and SCUBA Camp targets 12-16 year olds who are interested in obtaining their NAUI dive certification while also being introduced to SCUBA as a tool for science.  This camp will partner with Roanoke Island Outfitters Dive Center to provide SCUBA instruction for students to earn a lifetime certification.  Campers will take classes, explore techniques, and if they pass all requirements they will leave camp with a NAUI SCUBA Certification.  Campers will also explore local ecosystems, snorkel and gain valuable insight into the work of scientists and local ecosystems.  DISCLAIMER:  Additional medical information will be collected by Roanoke Island Outfitters to participate in this camp.  Registration for this camp is not complete until the prospective campers have filled out medical forms with the dive shop.  There are online modules that will need to be completed before camp begins to prepare for the dive classes.  Campers need to be able to pass a swim test the 1st day of camp to participate which includes an underwater swim, 10-minute water tread, and a swim of any stroke for 4 lengths of the pool.  Each camper is also required to purchase their own mask, fins, booties and snorkel prior to camp.

Advanced Scientific SCUBA Camp July 29- August 2, 2019
(Divers will earn NAUI Underwater Naturalist and Archaeologist certifications).
This camp requires all participants to be certified SCUBA divers and own their own mask, fins, booties and snorkel.  Campers will earn two NAUI diving specialty certifications, Underwater Naturalist and Underwater Archaeology, if they complete all required activities.  All SCUBA instruction is provided by Roanoke Island Outfitters and Dive Center.  Dives will take place in a pool, quarry and a dive off the beach (weather depending).  Camp fees include dive gear (not including mask, fins, booties, snorkel), all air fills, instruction, transportation, books and camp fees.  Divers may have the opportunity to do up to 8 dives throughout this camp if the weather allows.


Snorkeling on an oyster reef.

Art and Science Camp  July 1-5, July 22-26, 2019
Art and Science Camp will provide creative 9-14 year olds the unique experience of focusing on the wonder of our natural world, and using that to create art pieces through a variety of methods. Students 9-14 will explore ecosystems on the Outer Banks and will use these experiences to stimulate thinking about how art can be used to display science, and the beauty of the system seen through a scientist’s eyes. Students will have an opportunity to paint, sculpt, draw and create.

Oceanography  July 8-12, August 5-9 2019
Oceanography camp targets students 12 – 15 years old who are interested in a better understanding of the complex processes that take place in our oceans.  This camp will require students to learn and work on the beaches, estuaries and ocean as we investigate and explore what happens on over 70% of our planet.  Students will engineer technology like drifters and gliders to explore how scientists can learn in an environment we are ill equipped to visit.  Students will boogie board, kayak, go on boat trips, collect data, and work alongside scientists at CSI.  This camp will include some snorkeling and opportunities to explore in water environments.

Shipwrecks  July 15-19, July 29- August 2, 2019
Shipwrecks camp targets students 10 – 15 years old who are interested shipwrecks, the unique boats and history of the Outer Banks, navigation, knot tying, and exploring. This camp will focus on getting students outside onto our beaches and sounds to investigate all things nautical on the Outer Banks, which will include boat building, shipwrecks, and WWII battles. Students will learn techniques for finding, mapping and identifying shipwrecks. This camp will include snorkeling and opportunities to explore in water environments.

Campers sift through sand to study the organisms that live along the waterline.

The day camps begin and end at CSI each day, but campers will visit many areas of the Outer Banks by van, boat or kayak.

CSI summer day camps combine STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education with fun, hands-on activities that will keep campers exploring and investigating amazing ecosystems. Students will snorkel, kayak, collect species data by seining, trawling and hook and line fishing, study plankton in the lab, engineer ocean exploring equipment, and experience many other fun educational activities.

Registration for camps begins March 1, 2019.


Please contact David Sybert at 252-475-5451 or with any questions or for more information.

Campers in CSI’s Esuaries Camp make good use of the R/V Discovery to explore estuarine ecosystems.