2021 Summer Camps

STEAM Summer Experiences

Virtual Experiences & In-Person Day Camps

CSI hope to offer in-person STEAM summer experiences throughout the summer. These week-long experiences aim to get students to explore the local ecosystems while continuing to learn throughout the summer. We plan to offer an in-person camp each week of the summer, however our ability to host in-person will depend on the rules and guidelines of NC and ECU.  We will begin a registration processs on March 1, 2021.  In 2020, we were unable to host any in-person camps and instead created virtual experiences that cover similar topics of some of our camps.  If we cannot host in-person camps we will have virtual experiences for our campers.

Virtual Experiences

In the summer of 2020, six virtual experiences dubbed “Summer Science on the Screen” were developed to reach campers that were not able to attend camps at CSI due to campus closures from COVID-19.  These programs covered: Ocean Waves, Plankton, Fish Adaptations, Marine Mammals, Shapes in Nature, and Shipwrecks. Each recording is about 30 minutes in length and include activities for campers to do at home.  The archived playlist can be found on our Youtube channel.

IN-person Day Camps

CSI offers experiences for 9-15 year olds throughout the summer that are both educational and lots of fun.  Our summer camps focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) concepts and utilizes hands-on experiences and exploring the great outdoor spaces of the Outer Banks.  There are a variety of camp options that include Exploring Estuaries, Marine Biology, Oceanography, Art and Science, and Shipwrecks Camps.  Each camp begins at CSI each day at 9 am and ends at 3:30 pm.

Please contact John McCord or Parker Kellam or call 252-475-5450 with questions.

Title: Exploring Estuaries

 Campers explore the ecosystems of the Outer Banks through data collection and scientific experiments.  This camp is an introduction to some of the research occurring at CSI and will have campers explore the amazing aquatic environments through kayaking, fishing, boating and snorkeling.

Cost: $265

Age Group: 9-13 (13 max participants)


Title: Marine Biology

 Campers will learn fish biology, collect data in their own experiment, video document their experiences and dissect a squid.  Students will monitor populations of fish and invertebrates through traps, nets, and fishing.   

Cost: $265

Age Group: 10-15 (13 max participants)

Title: Oceanography

 This camp focuses on understanding the complex processes that take place in our oceans.  Campers will engineer technology like underwater robots and gliders to explore how scientists study the ocean.  Campers will learn about waves, boogie board, kayak, snorkel, fish and work along some scientists at CSI. This camp includes a tour of the Field Research Facility in Duck to understand the technology they use.   

Cost: $265

Age Group: 12-15 (13 max participants)


Title: Art and Science 

 This camp will provide creative campers the experience of focusing on the wonder of our natural world.  They will explore ecosystems on the Outer Banks and use those experiences to find ways to use art to display science.  Campers will paint, sculpt, draw, dance, practice photography and create. 

Cost: $265

Age Group: 9-14 (13 max participants)


Title: Shipwrecks 

 Campers will explore the unique history of the Outer Banks while learning navigation, knot tying and how to build a model sailboat.  Campers will learn to find and record data from shipwrecks.  This camp includes snorkeling and a “Try SCUBA” experience.   

Cost: $265

Age Group: 10-15 (13 max participants)


Led by East Carolina University (ECU), The Coastal Studies Institute is a multi-institutional research and educational partnership of the UNC System including North Carolina State University, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC Wilmington, and Elizabeth City State University.


ECU’s Integrated Coastal Programs (ECU ICP) is a leader in coastal and marine research, education, and engagement.   ECU ICP includes the Coastal Studies Institute, ECU’s Department of Coastal Studies, and ECU Diving and Water Safety.


The ECU Outer Banks campus is home to the Coastal Studies Institute.
Located on Roanoke Island along the banks of the second largest estuary
in the United States, this coastal campus spans 213 acres of marshes, scrub wetlands, forested wetlands, and estuarine ecosystems.




The faculty and staff at the Coastal Studies Institute come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, as well as departments and organizations including ECU Department of Biology, ECU Department of Coastal Studies, NC Sea Grant, the North Carolina Renewable Energy Program, and the UNC Institute for the Environment.


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